Monday, July 8


Reader, please meet the Bed Hogger!! He kicked me all night! Not a fan of the co sleeping so when I have a little invader it always throws me off~ especially a Kicker! Not to name any names but the oldest and the youngest will give you no mercy. I say I'm not a fan but I think I'm a closet co sleeper; they have all slept with me for their first say 6 months. And when they are in a phase I don't turn them away~ 
Cooper went through a phase after Nasher went in his crib and slept with me for almost a year~ I think he sensed that this was his chance after Baby Bro moved out; it drove Chris crazy~ I felt like I had the hottest real estate in town & I did! I would have taken little Coop toes forever but I knew for our house independent sleepers mean happy Mama! Nasher had a nightmare last night & let's just say if he has another he may be going in Christopher's bed~ Karma~ haha!

I stared for a while & then got my camera... And then stared some more. When he woke up I 
interviewed him. Interviewing your kids is scrumptious...
Hope he sleeps tonight peacefully~ in his own bed.


SanPellegrino blood orange sparkling water
Heartburn from a home cooked meal~ at least I cooked it!
My big nice bathtub I'm totally about to dip in
Poison Ivy meds... Poor Coop
Chris' new job

My anchors hold any ship, any size, anywhere. - Ivan Tait

Ciao Bella

Tuesday, July 2


Ok... So I'm trying to blog from the iPad.... Bomb! For some reason it only pulls up pics from my old phone~ I have no idea why... But, I did find some really good shots I had forgotten about.

I was looking for a picture of Chris & I... This is my favorite...
Nine years later he still makes me go googoo! 


Cups of coffee Chris makes ~ I've tried, mine never taste that good!
My wedding ring~ timeless style
Date night at home~ tonight we did body & facial wraps! My skin feels amazing! & we giggled at what the years have done to our bodies~ true love!
Chris eats whatever I cook~ tonight it was simple~ & he still loved it
Sleep apnea surgery that we spent 4,000 on~ to be healthy is priceless & so is my sleep!

Saturday, June 22


School is out... I started a new biz... Swimming lessons are going on... I'm making stuff like pancakes again for breakfast. The 6:30 marathon is over~ I finished, barely. I decided to open up my dusty spa~ my bathroom that is. It happens after every baby & usually pushes into toddler~ my roots are perpetually at least an inch long~ I never have my nails done~ I've worn running shorts backwards to the kids games~ all unintentional but staring in my face. Nasher is 2 1/2~ I feel rejuvenated again & like I can expand on it. Long summer days means more of the main course~ bugs, books, lemonade, picnics & the appetizers like nails & hair are just a bonus~
Wet clothes on lawn chairs to dry
The messy car from being out all day
My Greens!
My new printer from the Hubs
White clean sheets

Saturday, June 8


My time with the two Littles is beyond uniquely precious~ they have a wonder that is still there with Christopher & Nate but is so bubblegum~ in the wrapper. They don't understand time like the Bigs~ they think later can mean in 30 seconds~ divine. The other day as the Bigs were finishing the last day of school we stopped down the road at the "baby goat farm". They giggled~ they starred~ they were done in five minutes but I took a memory to be recalled forever. School is out & time with just the Littles will have to be mapped out~ time with the Bigs will too. It's sticky, sometimes stinky & oh so fun!

Thursday, June 6




Fun fun & more funnies
Big Brother
Chocolate Chip
Son of God
Thumb Lover
Little Brother
Mouthpiece for Truth

My Son

Monday, June 3


So, I started this home biz... Read the next post & win some Greens on the Go!
All I can say now is look at my skin!! A year ago I could feel everything in my body screaming "I'm out of whack!!!" So, after 8 years of praying this got dropped in my lap, literally! My face had huge red craters that were starting to scar... I was tired much of the time, couldn't get out of bed without tears & so grumpy around dinner time~ more about this story later... It was bad ~ then worse.
When I got back from Haiti I knew I had to have a missions fund~ but from where? Wiping sticky fingers & changing diapers well, doesn't make me squat to put in the bank. One year later & the mission fund is a go!! But more about that later too~ look at my skin!!


I was looking at my photo stream & saw all kinds of misfits~ where are the pics of bugs, bandaids, blooms & bottoms all going to end up? A few make their debut on Instagram ~ one of my fave pastimes is taking a pic & adding just the right border, 2 or more filters & some crazy effect~ it's what I do at 2 in the morning when I just want to be with me & I indulge myself like I would at a spa. But when I'm done I have the same toes with chips of nail polish gone and dead skin. Note to self~ pedis are not my fave to do but I sure would like to look at the pretty colors all lined up in a row. Most of these pics just get saved though~ if not my Instagram followers would have Lee Fam overload~ I'll spare them. Sometimes.
So here are some cutie misfits~ after all I think they need a spot out of the big photo stream pond.
First one to name that bug gets 3 days worth of Greens~ free!!

Tuesday, May 28


To watch every one of my boys find themselves is a gift given that I open right away~ I tear off the bow, no time to save it and watch the contents jump out...
And I get these gifts on auto ship~ every day if I watch for them. My mind has these pretty packages stacked up~ they are spilling out if my closet onto the floor~ in all dimensions each with a one of a kind tie~ big gross grain rainbow ribbons, bakers twine with sweet stripes, organic cotton thread so thin but unbreakable. Some were quick ~ tied with scraps~ newspaper bows, a Target plastic bag with crunchy loops, the belt that I took off a cheap dress that has no other purpose. All a mosaic of Love. To be present~ the most valued gift I give myself.


Clean public bathrooms... You know~ after the 3rd trip in 30 minutes I have them mapped out to jet to!
Strangers that grin & laugh beside me watching my boys
Apple customer service ~ yes, I ask the "duh" questions

Colossians 1:10 NKJV
That you may walk worthy of The Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.


I haven't blogged in forever... I've thought about blog posts ~ probably hundreds of them. What was I waiting for? A chic blog design? To be a master photographer? To attain some level of Mom wisdom? For all my devices to be synced? Yep... Waiting for it to be perfect... Oh my what does that even mean? Perfectionism = No Producing... Missed memories... Waste.
No more... My computer is outdated; I have no idea how to work this Blogger app on my iPad and now I just don't care. Time is passing, I woke up. In the flaws there is unmistakable beauty; in my humanness there are answers.
Little Nasher is 2... He's talking in sentences. He's asking questions. He tells me he loves me when I leave. He loves to cook. He's saying NO ~ a lot. Im ordering another spanker for my purse~ thank you Meaghan. Christopher's shoes are half a size from me throwing them on to get the mail~ my heel barely hanging off the edge of his flip flop. I guess I should wear them to check the mail~ I love to be anywhere he has touched. He's going to need braces~ I can't wait to tell him how handsome he looks in them. Nate has found his niche~ he's really a ninja & is writing comics telling of all sorts of adventures with the sea and the jungle. I think he would have a pet jaguar if I could pull that one off. He takes care of a mating pair of lizards that live on our porch. I'm sure they stick around just for him. He grins every time we serve the honey. "Nature Nate" honey is the best that will ever touch your lips. Cooper makes silly videos with tape mustaches & silly voices. His script all original~ he is JOY. He serves & serves~ always putting himself last. He looks like me... I so love that kid.
Instead of talking about what was I dream of what is to come. I feel spring... I go barefoot more~ now high heels are kind of a pain. What??? Yes, the Shoe Queen sees options. Most of the time I have an inch of grey roots; it only bothers me if my hormones are out of whack or I loose focus of why I am here. I'm actually amazed at the white hairs~ they are beautiful~ they are wise~ they are authentic. Don't get me wrong... in moments they make me feel 80 years old. Then I look around & 80 is gorgeous.


Hubs grilled steaks~ we never go out for a steak~ his tops any 5 star spot
Nates gentle reminder when I'm upset~ "give it to God" ~ did I really say that? Babe Wisdom
iPhone camera~ I take about 1600 pics a month

Saturday, June 16


5 good things

daddy Chris~ flutter
all 4 boys standing with their signs~ whew~ worth every hot second!
Nasher's wet kisses
planted pots~ love
clean but love to slide red dirt stained baseball pants